What the Wave Brush Is

The wave brush is just a cool name for a wooden handled hair brush that creates wavy flowing patterns in the hair and beard. Typically the wave brush will be made out of a soft, medium, or strong bristle type. Sometimes the wave brushes have handles on them, and other times they do not. The price ranges, yet it is always relatively inexpensive. So let’s dive right in and look at all the different choices as well as the things that make up the wave brushes.


Most of the time, wave brushes are made out of a softwood as these are more affordable to produce and easier to install the bristles. As mentioned, you do get to choose the strength of the bristle in your wave brush. The hardest bristles are usually made of boar’s hair, as these give the firmest hold while not being totally stiff. The softer bristles are made out of a smoother material, usually not boar’s hair. Additionally, there is also a choice to get one with a handle or without. Sometimes its easier to just palm it and not use the handle.

Width Between Bristles

The width usually is less than half an inch, and varies depending on how tight together you want your waves to be. Many brushes use a quarter of an inch spacing, and others use an eighth of an inch of spacing. So it all really just depends on personal preference, and if you’re not sure which is right then search for pictures online which show the difference in widths.


Price ranges between about $10 and $100: it depends on the material used, whether it has a handle or not, and sometimes the color of the brush (stained / painted). The sweet spot for pricing starts at around $30 and goes up to $50; most brushes are in the $30-40 range, and there are some great quality brushes that last much longer than the $10 ones.


Some brands upcharge for having their logo on the backside of the wave brush. This is also personal preference, and it can really give a cooler look than a plain wood handle if that’s your thing. Then again, some people don’t like the brand advertisement because they feel like it takes away from the experience of self-care by focusing on the brand, instead of the grooming process.

So whether you like handle or no handle… stained wood or natural… logo or no logo… and soft, medium, or hard bristles… there are many choices out there in the wave brush market. And don’t forget that a quick internet search will usually help when determining how wide you want the bristles to be for your look. Often times it’s best to get a few pictures of the same width bristles, and then you start to get a good sense for the look you’re going for and which brush will achieve that look.