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Head Lice Repellent Headbands Can Help Your Child Stay Safe At School

Head Lice Repellent Headbands Can Help Your Child Stay Safe At School

Head lice are a major problem for school-age children and families

The head louse, Pediculus Humanus Capitas is a common problem among children of pre-school and elementary school age and their families. Although these parasites are not known to carry disease between children infested with this insect, the ease with which head lice can be spread makes this pest one parents, teachers, and family members wish to treat or repel as quickly and efficiently as possible. The issue of head lice has remained an issue throughout the U.S. and worldwide with between six and 12 million cases reported in children three to twelve years of age in the United States alone each year. Direct contact is required with an infected individual for head lice to spread as they are unable to jump or hop from head to head.

Using a head lice repellent band

The problem of head lice has become such an issue over the last few years that repellent products have been developed which are capable of reducing the risk of head lice infesting a child’s head. There are a number of different options on the retail market designed to allow parents to halt the spread of head lice to their children, including those designed to look and feel like a traditional hair band. Each hair band is infused with essential oils known to act as a repellent to head lice and halt the adult latching onto the hair of the wearer. These head lice repellent hair bands are particularly important for children who are at the most risk of an infestation and whose parents are not looking to use the harsh chemicals often associated with head lice treatment on the skin and hair of their child. A head lice repellent band is a preventative measure designed to allow individuals the chance to avoid an infestation and the problems of eliminating lice from a school, home, or childcare facility.

Spotting signs of a head lice outbreak

Every parent has received a text or letter home from their child’s school explaining a student has been infested with head lice and appropriate steps should be taken. The days of nurses moving from school to school checking the heads of children for lice are over and this task is now the sole task of the student’s parent or guardian. What to look for is an important aspect of identifying and eliminating head lice which are known to have difficulty clinging on to the hair of African-American children because of the shape of their claws. A child affected by head lice may complain of tickling sensations around their head and ears making it difficult for them to concentrate during school hours. The eggs, nymph, and adult head lice are known to move close to the ears and rear of the scalp as their main feeding grounds. A head lice repellent band can help keep any child clear of this common problem seen throughout the U.S. in the 21st-century.